July 29, 2012

1 Stepping and thinking

I know it's been a long time since i posted a post in this blog. However please pardon me that school has started and it's my last year. So it has to be serious this time. I mean it. I thought last grade in high school will be better than the 11th grade but i was wrong... It's much worse than 11th grade, but must keep in spirit and in mind that i will break my own bones to study for national exam and maybe the preparation for my college. Right now i'm on a mission so Readers, please give me bunch of lucks and prayers for i really-really need them

Anyway, why do these days i seldom find those slouchy 100% cotton shirt? No kidding guys but i'm starting to concern about this because whenever i'm in the mood for shopping, i always see those chiffon, satine, and whatever you named it materials. The point is those materials don't absorp sweats and the problem is i live in Indonesia and the sun is too hot in here. 

 All pictures below are taken from my pinterest

This one's above is my favorite. Looks very comfy!

    But when i say seldom, doesn't mean the markets dont sell it. I think we still can find something like this at cottonink (Thank God) where they sell so many shirts with so many lovely colors! I guess i wouldn't mind if i had these kind of shirts all over my closet hahaha. Thanks for those of you who reads my blog or just passing by. I appreciate everything!          

July 08, 2012

5 The Weekend

Okay here is my first outfit photos from this blog. Pardon me if you find my pictures are trashy because i don't have my own proffesional camera and usually i ask my mom to take my pictures but today she wasn't there when i was about to ask her so i had to take it by myself, with my camera phone. But don't worry because i tried to put the best lighting for the photos! Please do give any comments for any lacks :)

Oh and the thing about necklace, i first saw it at Camille Co's blog and then when i was at the shopping centre, i found the same thing. So i didn't need any time to decide and then i bought that. And btw, Have a happy weekend people!

July 04, 2012

1 Summer Giveaway from Cotton Candy featuring Natzcracker

I know Cotton Candy once when i was browsing through facebook and searching for those online shops because at that time i was in the need of a good clothes and didn't really have time to go to shopping centre. Yes, online shop is always my option and also my preferences for prices too.

Today, Cotton Candy is having a giveaway featuring Nathalie Kartika Putri from natzcracker. Yep, they're giving a skirt and a dress to 2 lucky winners. You guys should join this giveaway since the rules aren't that complicated.

So here are the steps..........
Primary rules :
1. Like Cotton Candy Fashion House facebook page here
2. Share this giveaway page on your facebook wall
3. Follow Nathalie’s blog via GFC or bloglovin (if you follow both, one of them will be counted as extra entries) 

Extra Rules :
1. Follow Cotton Candy on twitter (click here)
2. Follow Nathalie’s twitter account @nathaliekartika 
3. Blog about this giveaway (link required, please do put the link when you leave your comment on Nathalie's post)
4. Tweet about this giveaway, please mention @cottoncandyID and @nathaliekartika (link required, please do put the link when you leave your comment on Nathalie's post )  

Leave a comment on this post with your name, email, facebook account, twitter username, and the product you’d like to win.

You don’t have to be a blogger to enter this giveaway. You can also follow her GFC (Google Friend Connect) via twitter, and she promises it won’t bother your timeline.

Here are the pictures of natzcracker wearing the giveaway skirt and dress


Batik Tail Skirt

Bianca Dress

- 2 lucky winners will be chosen randomly

- This giveaway will be closed on July 19th at 00.00 AM and we will announce the winners on July 20th on Facebook page and http://nathaliekartikaputri.blogspot.com/ 

So goodluck and watch the date! Who knows you'll win ;;)

P.S : I'm not the official blogger to host this giveaway. I'm just spreading about this referring to steps in extra rules number 3.

3 When in doubt.....

A quote once i've ever heard is : "When in doubt, wear stripes". Couldn't agree more, but what if stripes has started to bore you? Then it's time to opt for white! Whether it's shirt, t-shirt, or whatever... It will always make you look sophisticated and simple at the same time. No fuss, no muss 

 1. White shirt and classic blue denim for an effortless look
2. Sick with denim? Try to opt with leather pants just like Miranda did
3. Or you can also try this season's hottest crochet pants
4. Feeling bright? Pair with your coloured jeans or skirt!

Oh and one thing, when you go with white as the top, you can also opt for statement necklace to un-plain your white shirt! Or no need is also okay.

image sources : lookbook.nu, Peony Lim, google images

July 03, 2012

0 New in : Black Scalloped Short

Last Wednesday i was at the mall when i suddenly saw a nice pink pants. It was love at a first sight that when i asked the price, i became even deeper in love. And then i tried them on. I felt it good, but in the end, i didn't buy it simply because this is holiday season and i'm on a tight money. So i thought maybe i'd wait until my money comes out and then i'd buy it if it's meant for me.

But as considerations went through my head, i started to think that that pink pants wasn't my size. When i tried them on, i tried them without taking off my pants, so logically the pink pants should be tight when i tried them. HA-HA i felt so lucky back then.

So last Saturday, i was browsing through a website and found that they have some sale items. I took a look and i instantly bought this black scalloped pants. 

Details : Scalloped and Embroidered
This just arrived today and also it has a zipper in the side. I tried them on and i love it! Great bargain!

Pants : Chocochips 

July 02, 2012

1 Minty Summer

from left to right : DVF, Vera Wang, and Tibi

I'm crazy about this color since i first saw it on a magazine. I think this is the new pink, well not literally. Since then, i've started to hunt every mint thingy and until now i only got nail polish and a pants.

Mavala in Aquamarine

Those are my styling ideas. Fyi, the blue top has ruffle accent on the top left side but my hair covered it. For the second look, i paired it with crochet white blouse and turned out it looked sweet. Now i can't wait to wear it! Xx 

image sources : google, Tuula, Fashionvibe , Daniela Ramirez

0 Welcome

This post marks the 1st post in my blog. Well to you who stop by and see this, Welcome to Le Petillante Dame!

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