July 03, 2012

0 New in : Black Scalloped Short

Last Wednesday i was at the mall when i suddenly saw a nice pink pants. It was love at a first sight that when i asked the price, i became even deeper in love. And then i tried them on. I felt it good, but in the end, i didn't buy it simply because this is holiday season and i'm on a tight money. So i thought maybe i'd wait until my money comes out and then i'd buy it if it's meant for me.

But as considerations went through my head, i started to think that that pink pants wasn't my size. When i tried them on, i tried them without taking off my pants, so logically the pink pants should be tight when i tried them. HA-HA i felt so lucky back then.

So last Saturday, i was browsing through a website and found that they have some sale items. I took a look and i instantly bought this black scalloped pants. 

Details : Scalloped and Embroidered
This just arrived today and also it has a zipper in the side. I tried them on and i love it! Great bargain!

Pants : Chocochips 


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